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Office 365 Onboarding on Long Island


Your employees are familiar with Office. Now it’s time to take them to Office 365. Do it with Stafford’s Office 365 onboarding services.

What Your Employees Want

Bottom Line: They want solutions that make their jobs easier. They’ll likely be curious about Office 365, but to be adopted, they need to be shown how it’ll work better than their existing tools.

To be effective, an employee’s onboarding for Office 365 needs to show how the software will:

  •  Minimize Time to Productivity
    By helping employees accomplish their goals as intuitively and efficiently as before.
  • Provide New Value
    Inspires and empowers employees to work faster and smarter.
  • Reduce Effort
    Enables employees to learn and improve with minimal effort.

Microsoft’s Onboarding Principles

1. Welcome & Inspire

Introduce them to the Office 365 environment and give them a high-level overview of how the technology will improve their work.

2. Prime Employees for Change

Show staff the differences between their old Office tools and their new Office 365 environment and how these differences will impact their work.

3. Minimizes Friction

Reduce employee friction and anxiety by walking employees through the set-up process.


Ready to learn more about how Office 365 can accelerate your business?

365 Migration

We have a fully equipped and experienced team of innovative Office 365 developers to help you with cloud-based migrations, tenant migration and email migration.

365 Onboarding Services

We provide end-to-end consultation to help you with on-boarding assistance, functionality customization and detailed performance assessment as well as audits.

Legacy System Migration

We can assist you in moving from legacy collaboration systems and into the future. Migrate from Zoho Office Suite, G Suite, IBM Connections, WordPerfect and Live Link.

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